A Guide to Essential Horse Gear

A Guide to Essential Horse Gear

Owning or riding a horse can be a lot of work. Horseback riding combines the responsibilities of a pet with the directives of a lesson. You are in charge of keeping your horse healthy and happy, and using responsible behavior to avoid any potential mishaps. You also need to learn the proper techniques for handling your horse and yourself during preparation, while riding, and after dismount. Safety procedures are also of the utmost importance, particularly due to the size and power of your animal. To keep yourself and your horse safe and happy, make sure you have the proper gear for every part of riding. You need special clothes to wear yourself, certain tools to safely groom your horse, and even gear to help the two of you better communicate. Learn what you need here for the best experience possible.

What to Wear

When riding a horse, you want to keep sliding and chafing at a minimum. The right outfit components will help you grip the saddle, protect your hands, and avoid irritating your skin. You also need to keep yourself safe. Learn about the essential gear you need for riding a horse here.

Guiding Gear

When horseback riding, the only means of communication you have with your horse are non-visual. Your horse will depend on your guidance and tactile cues to understand what you want it to do and where you want it to go. Make sure you keep the lines of communication open by having the proper guiding gear.

Grooming Tools

Your horse deserves to be well taken care of. Before you ride, after each working session, and even on days when you don’t ride at all, you need to groom your horse thoroughly and safely. Learn about the many tools you need and their various functions to keep your horse safely groomed.